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Qualifications of Meisha Academy,Guangzhou (Recognitions)

一、British iLower Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level courses【Centre number authorized by the Edexcel: 92759】 

Meisha Academy,Guangzhou is the iLowerSecondary, IGCSE and A-Level teaching and testing centre recognised and authorised by the Edexcel. It is authorised to conduct iLowerSecondary, IGCSE and A-Level examinations. Students can complete their studies and examinations in the Academy. iLowerSecondary (equivalent to grades 7-9 in the UK) is a part of Pearson education system, providing students with comprehensive knowledge in English, mathematics and sciences. IGCSE (equivalent to grades 10-11 in the UK) and A-Level (equivalent to grades 12-13 in the UK) courses are recognized internationally, and widely accepted by the international community. Students in both programmes can apply for institutions of higher education in different countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and the United States. Besides, A-Level scores can be converted into course credits in most American universities.



二、Australian VCE courses 

Meisha Academy,Guangzhou has been fully accredited by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), Graduates who have completed the courses and passed the examinations shall be granted the high school diploma of Victoria, and can apply for studying in Australian universities without IELTS scores. Top universities in the UK, the United States, Canada and New Zealand also recognize the VCE diploma and graduation results.



*Official Certificate of Approval from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)