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The Academy has always insisted in expanding the global perspective of students in various fields and making students exercise real elite thinking and leadership in learning and life. For this purpose, the Academy has established a MAH-style student autonomy system. MAH Student Union, Student Club, and the MAH House System form the MAH student autonomy system. The division and cooperation of the three major sections allows MAH to achieve a high degree of autonomy for students in a very short time.


MAH Student Union

The MAH Student Union was established in November 2018 and is a core part of the MAH student autonomy system. The original intention of the MAH Student Union is: Self-service, Self-restraint, Self-management. This awareness of self-service management promotes the coordination and mutual assistance of the students.

The MAH Student Union consists of a Learning Department, a Living Department and an Art Sport Department. The flat management allows each student to speak freely and develop their strengths. The original Inquiry Department further ensures the healthy operation of the entire Student Union. The young MAH Student Union has organized many Student Activities, conducted many Management Workshops, gradually realizing the high degree of autonomy of students and full coverage of service objects.

Club Activities

By 2019, MAH has established a total of 10 student associations, covering a wide range of academic and interest fields. MAH always listens to the voices of students, completely opens the channels for students to establish their own clubs, and provides each club with a professional tutor and a special venue, so as to ensure the rich contents and scientific nature of the association activities.


English Debating Club

The MAH Oxford English Debating Club opens every Tuesday and is led by Mr. Peter Abram. Students will improve their abilities of English, critical thinking and public speaking in the English debate.


The Academy has professional STEM classrooms and employs professional STEM curriculum teachers. Every Thursday in STEM Club, the students carry out abundant activities, exercise hands-on and collaboration skills. The students can learn the cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the multiple-subject education.

Yoga Club

Yoga is one of the oldest physical exercises in the East. Yoga adheres to the Philosophy of Health to help students eliminate their nervous tension and physical and mental fatigue, regulate their emotions, and cultivate their minds. It helps achieve harmony and unity between the mind and the body.

Photography Club

Photography cultivates students to form a right judgment and expression for beauty, and presents their personal ideas and thoughts in the form of photographs. The Photography Club will lead the students to learn the performance of the camera, jointly study how to take beautiful photos, study the art form of photography, analyze the photos made by photographers and photography masters, and form their own photography art styles.

Basketball Club

Basketball training is conducted under the guidance of a professional basketball coach. With training students’ abilities of continuous jumping, agile reaction, and physical strength, it can make the body muscle solid, well-proportioned and strong, and promote the athletic abilities such as strength, speed, endurance, leaping, agility,  etc. Each year, the Academy will compete with other schools in Guangzhou to develop students’ friendships through sports games.

Music Club

The meaning of music lies in making people happy, inspiring and powerful. The Academy focuses on the significance of music in the learning and life of students, and enlightens students’ aesthetic appreciation with beautiful rhythm of music. Students can listen to a variety of music and performance music, learn their favorite instruments, and make their own music.

Baking Club

Under the guidance of the instructor, the members of the Baking Club learn new recipes and baking techniques and share their baking works with the students and teachers of the school. The club also provides baking for various school events, such as open days, Christmas parties, and home-school activities. The Bake Club was voted the most popular club of MAH in the fall of 2018.

Movie Club

The Movie Club is a community open to all MAH students. In addition to letting students understand and appreciate movies, the bigger goal is to provide students with opportunities for writing, filmmaking, shooting and editing. It provides students with the opportunities to collaborate in film learning and film shooting to enhance teamwork. 

In addition, MAH has Dubbing Club, Japanese Club, Programming Club, Psychology Club and Dance Club.


House System

MAH House System is the most distinctive part of the MAH student autonomy system. It breaks the barrier of the administrative class and fills the blank of vertical management. The senior members of MAH HOUSE help new members to let each student experience the growth and feel at home.

The three major Houses of the House System, GREEN, BLUE, and RED, have their own expertise in the year since establishment, and have achieved specialization in sports, academics, and arts. 

Special Events:


The Academy organizes a grand assembly every two Fridays. In the assembly, the teachers and students will share their interested topics with the teachers, students and parents of the classroom, after-school activities, social affairs and other aspects, and show their recent achievements. 



MEISHA TALK is a stage for two-way communication.

Instead of a traditional teaching, the Academy encourages students to think, present, and express. The collision of thoughts generates sparks to form a point of view and to visualize the point of view. All students have the opportunity to stand on the podium to show their talents and share their research topics and thoughts;

At the same time, the Academy invites talents from all walks of life to share their information with the students and introduce the most cutting-edge knowledges to the students, inspiring the students to think and plant the seeds of the future in the hearts of the students.


International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB)

The IHBB International Historical Competition originated from U.S.A and is a global competition with high gold content. Up to now, more than 50,000 students from more than 1,000 schools in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand have participated in this competition. As an official authorized partner, the Academy has hosted the IHBB 2018-2019 Season Guangdong Championship. Our school students competed with more than 100 excellent students from Guangdong Experimental School, English School Attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Shenzhen Meisha Academy, Guangzhou Zhixin High School, Guangdong Country Garden, Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU, Yucai Middle School, and other key middle schools and international schools and achieved good results.


American Mathematics Competition

Founded in 1950 by the Mathematical Association of America, AMC is the world’s most reliable and effective mathematics test. There are more than 20 countries and regions conducting simultaneous tests, including Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, France, etc. In 2006, the AMC China Regional Organizing Committee was established and began to organize Chinese students to participate in the AMC series competition. Our school organizes students to participate in the AMC competition in every year. Through the active preparation and competition, the students have gained valuable competition experience and achieved good results.


Big Dreamer Program - Youth Trip in Guangzhou

Youth Trip in Guangzhou: Guangzhou Vanke and Southern Urban Daily, Guangzhou Women’s Federation and Guangzhou Urban Renewal Bureau guide and integrate resources from all sectors of society, invite 200 young participants to experience the urban beautiful life, understand the urban operating mechanism, and show style of Guangzhou youth, and let the city hear the voice of the youth. As a co-organizer of the event, the academy organizes students to actively participate in activities, approach the urban life, learn, think, and speak during travel, and cultivate awareness of being citizens and city masters. Our students won the second place and the best popularity award in the 2018 competition.


Social Practice Week

We encourage children to walk out of the campus, enter the society, discover the world with their eyes, and experience different cultures, people and affairs. During the Christmas Social Practice Week, our classmates spontaneously teamed up and went to Japan, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Chengdu, etc. to contact with many industries and cultures and explore their interested topics.


MAH Technology Carnival

The Technology Carnival is a special event of the MAH Science Group. The event will not only exhibit the handicrafts that the students made in science classes and STEM classes, but also combine various disciplines with technologies, e.g., presenting the poems with magical AR technology. The various interesting scientific and technological competitions trigger students’ thoughts and interests on science, and to conduct practical activities by using the scientific knowledge.


Teaching Open Day

MAH will conduct 1-2 open days per semester to show the education features of school, including school hardware facilities, campus culture, special courses, student activities, etc., to the parents and visiting guests. The Open Day activities are student-led, and the students participate in the preparation and organization of the activities as the masters, and exercise their courage and enhance their leadership through activities.