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The Academy has always insisted in expanding the global perspective of students in various fields and making students exercise real elite thinking and leadership in learning and life. For this purpose, the Academy has established a MAG-style student autonomy system. MAG Student Union, Student Club, and the MAG House System form the MAG student autonomy system. The division and cooperation of the three major sections allows MAG to achieve a high degree of autonomy for students in a very short time.


MAG Student Union

The MAG Student Union was established in November 2018 and is a core part of the MAG student autonomy system. The original intention of the MAG Student Union is: Self-service, Self-restraint, Self-management. This awareness of self-service management promotes the coordination and mutual assistance of the students.

The MAG Student Union consists of a Learning Department, a Living Department and an Art Sport Department. The flat management allows each student to speak freely and develop their strengths. The original Inquiry Department further ensures the healthy operation of the entire Student Union. The young MAG Student Union has organized many Student Activities, conducted many Management Workshops, gradually realizing the high degree of autonomy of students and full coverage of service objects.