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School uniforms are a concentrated reflection of the culture of the academy and a mobile representationof a college’simage. The academy’s uniforms are personally designed by Australian designers, mainly composed of black, Haileybury purple and golden yellow, representing wisdom, a sophisticated temperament and energy. The school uniforms are designed with fullconsideration of the differingneeds of multiple occasions and seasonal extremes. The school uniforms are designed for both summer and autumn. The summer uniform consists of asports uniform, acasual uniform and asummer uniform. The autumn uniform consists of asports uniform and anautumn uniform.

The formal school uniforms are made up of asuit, trousers/dress and white shirt with a school badge printed on it. Casual school uniforms are long/short sleeved Polo shirts matching with shorts/skirts. The combination of the summer and winter sports suits allows students to enjoy being energetic in complete comfort.