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Chinese Group


Yunshu Dou

Chinese teacher

Master in International Chinese Language Education, Sun Yat-Sen university

Bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature, Sichuan International Studies University

Ms. Yunshu Dou has been devoted to education for eight years. She worked as a Chinese teacher in Guangzhou Nanfang International School, School of International Education in South China University of Technology, and Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu, participated in Chinese curriculum design and evaluation, as well as organized the CAS activities. She has rich teaching experience in IBDP Chinese B, IGCSE Chinese, MYP Chinese and other courses. Ms. Dou is enthusiastic about teaching, and she constantly enrich the teaching contents and innovate the teaching methods, striving to bring students the most enjoyable learning experience. Years of Chinese teaching experience and positive teaching attitude make her thoughts more diverse and inclusive, and make herself easier to be accepted by students and influence them.


Xiaoyu Liu

Chinese teacher

Bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature, South China Normal University

Ms. Xiaoyu Liu has great passion for education. She is always passionate, convinced that every student has his or her own personality and limitless potential. She believes that helping students develop a good learning attitude and training their ability of critical thinking are crucial to their growth. She brings her efficient learning methods to Meisha Academy by Heileybury, assisting each student to learn and grow.

English Group


Xiaolin Yang

English teacher

Master of Arts in English Translation, Jinan University

Bachelor of Arts in English Translation, Zhengzhou University

Ms. Xiaolin Yang has six years of experience in English teaching. She has taught IB international courses for middle and high school students in a number of international schools in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and also worked as an assistant to the president of Guangzhou Nanfang International School. She has rich bilingual teaching and management experience. Ms. Yang is dedicated and responsible in her work. She reflects on the shortcomings in teaching frequently and improves her teaching abilities constantly. She treats students with kindness and love, and often helps them to work on their weaknesses by providing one-to-one personalized tutoring, which has been praised by lots of students and parents.


Carl R. Cochran

English teacher

Bachelor in History, University of Nevada

Carl received his bachelor's degree in history from the University of Nevada, and obtained his TEFL and TKT certificates. Carl started his teaching career in 2007. He was teaching in the United States and Japan for four years. In 2011 he moved to Guangzhou where he worked as an English teacher at Huamei International School, before joining MAH to begin the next big chapter of his career. Carl's class is lively and interesting. He attaches great importance to interaction with students. And he is deeply admired by students.


Peter Abram

English teacher

Master in Education Administration, University of Melbourne

Major in Vocational Education and Training, University of Victoria

Peter graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master's degree in education management and a TEFL certificate. He has nearly 24 years of experience in language teaching. And he has taught primary and secondary school students in Hungary, the UK, Australia, and has unique insights and rich experience in education. He is keen to communicate with students and often encourages them, believing that they can have excellent academic performance and great progress.

Art Group


Hui Zhang

Music teacher

Master in Orchestra Performance and Management, Bard College

Master in Cello Performance, New York University

Bachelor in Cello Performance, National University of Singapore

Ms. Hui Zhang has studied cello since she was a child, and has nine years of overseas study experience. She studied with the famous music masters in the world's top universities, and has accumulated a solid professional foundation and rich performing experience. As a cello teacher at New York University and the principal cellist of Bard College's symphony orchestra The Orchestra Now, she has extensive teaching experience in music and great artistic accomplishment. Ms. Zhang is keen on art and music, and passionate about teaching. Besides bilingual teaching, she can influence students with her enthusiasm and understanding of music, stimulate their cognitive ability of art and music, and motivate them to keep exploring in the art world.


Anni Liu

Music teacher

Master in Music Education, Hunan Normal University

Bachelor in Music, Guangxi University

Ms. Anni Liu has participated in the National Social Science Foundation’s "The 13th Five-Year Plan" education project "Research on the Core Quality in Music of Senior High School Based on the New Comprehensive Quality Evaluation". She presided and participated in the key project of Hunan Provincial Department of Education "Research on Comprehensive Quality Evaluation and Art Reviews of Hunan General High School Adapted to the Requirements of the New College Entrance Examination". Her papers have been published in key academic journals. She has studied Guzheng for more than 10 years, and won several awards such as "the Dunhuang Cup". And she has rich teaching experience, in-depth and unique insights on basic music education theory and music teaching theory, with the hope to "moisten every child’s mind with music".


Qian Ou

Art teacher

Master in Arts and Design, University of Gothenburg

Bachelor in Arts and Design, University of the Arts London

Ms. Qian Ou graduated from University of the Arts London, majoring in Arts and Design, before going to study in the University of Gothenburg, and obtaining a master's degree in Arts and Design. She is good at innovating teaching methods to promote the enjoyment of learning, at customizing one-to-one personalized teaching and learning schemes for students, and at giving professional suggestions on school selection according to students' personal conditions. So she is trusted by students. With her classes, she hopes to make more students love art.

Math Group


Meiling Yi

Mathematics teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Master in Education, University of Sydney

Bachelor in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sichuan Normal University

Outstanding coach for Australian Mathematics competitions

Ms. Meiling Yi graduated from the University of Sydney, and worked as a bilingual mathematics teacher in an international school in Chengdu before. According to the American curriculum standards, she made teaching plans, compiled teaching books and taught AP, algebra and geometry courses. She loves mathematics teaching. She studied Flipped Classroom during her master's degree, with the hope to apply what she has learned and seen to her class. With a passion for education, she became part of the MAH. She is in favour of IG's educational philosophy and is committed to helping MAH's students get into world-renowned universities.


Meifang Lai

Mathematics teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Master in Management Science and Engineering, Xiamen University

Bachelor in E-Commerce, Wuhan University

Ms. Meifang Lai has been devoted to mathematics teaching for seven years. She taught in Guangzhou Zaijia Academy and Guangzhou Aisa International School before, and received Category 1 and Category 3 training organized by IBO. She coached students to participate in the Singaporean competition SASMO and the American mathematics competition AMC. And she has rich teaching experience in algebra, SAT II mathematics, AP calculus and statistics. In addition, she is committed to studying mathematics textbooks, and had experience in the preparation of the entrance examination papers of middle and high school mathematics as well.


Siwen Deng

Mathematics teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Master in Applied Mathematics, University of Macau

Exchange student at University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor in Financial Mathematics, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics

Mr. Siwen Deng has a solid foundation of professional knowledge. During his undergraduate study, he won the accessit in the American mathematical contest in modeling and the accessit in the mathematical contest in modeling for national college students. He also organized and participated in a number of research projects. And during his postgraduate study, he published an article A Rubust Preconditioner for Two-dimentsional Conservative Space-Fractional Diffusion Equations on Convex Domains in the world-renowned academic journal - Journal of Scientific Computing (Impact Factor: 1.814). Subsequently, he was selected as a representative to participate in the exchange program of University of Technology Sydney due to his excellent academic performance. He was also a teacher of advanced mathematics, linear algebra and statistics exercises and reading, and played a role in the design of the mid-term examination papers for undergraduates. He is committed to making every class fascinating, provoking students to think, and leading them to experience the fun of learning mathematics.

Science teaching team


Zeyuan Zhang

Physics teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Master in Teaching and Curriculum, Michigan State University

Bachelor of Science, Sichuan University

Mr. Zeyuan Zhang graduated from Sichuan University, and after which he obtained a master's degree in teaching and curriculum from Michigan State University in the United States. He has six years of teaching experience. Having participated in the teaching and researching of American high school science, AP calculus, AP physics C and other courses, he hopes to bring the fun and value of science to students. He is humorous, is fond of performing and giving speeches, and also enjoys scientific exploration with students.


Huaji Chen

Science teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Bachelor in Education Technology, South China Normal University

Mr. Huaji Chen graduated from South China Normal University, majoring in education technology. Before he was working for Guangdong Baiyun University, Guangdong Lingnan Education Charity Foundation, and Guangdong Shanhaiyuan Charity Foundation. From 2014 to 2018, he served as an information technology teacher, teaching and researching leader and chairman of the labour union at a public school in Guangzhou, winning the first prize and the title of "Promising Young Teacher in Haizhu District" in the national multimedia education software competition. He attaches great importance to the experience and inspiration in teaching, believing that exploration and creation are the common source of both knowledge and fun.


Xiongbao Li

Computer science teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology

Mr. Xiongbao Li has worked as a front-end engineer and project supervisor in the information technology industry for more than 10 years before he was engaged in education. He is proficient in a variety of computer language (such as C, C + +, Php, Javascript, Html/CSS, SQL), and the mainstream technology framework (such as Laravel, VueJs, AngularJs, Wordpress). And he is also familiar with the front-end and rear-end development process of software system, and can independently complete the website development project. Mr. Li has great passion for education, and is keen on studying books in relation to the field of education. His educational creed is, to influence life with life. And he hopes to actively guide students towards their future through sincere interaction with them.

Sports teaching team


Ting Zhu

Sports teacher at Meisha Academy by Heileybury

Master in Physical Education Training, South China Normal University

Ms. Ting Zhu is a national second-level swimming and volleyball referee, who is good at athletics, football, swimming and aerobics. She has received systematic training for being a teacher of youth sports culture courses and traditional sports programmes. She has been involved in the physical education inspection and evaluation of primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou, with rich experience in physical education teaching. Ms. Zhu enjoys playing sports with students, and she hopes that in sports students can improve their fitness and grow with joy.