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Campus Environment

Meisha Academy,Guangzhou is equipped with high-end first-class teaching facilities, campus network coverage, modern multimedia classrooms, technology design laboratories, intelligent physical and chemical laboratories, spacious and comfortable library, and music room, dance studio, piano room, art room and other artistic creation performance spaces. 

The improvement of students’ physical fitness is also an indispensable part of the schoole education. The schoole is equipped with a fully functional gymnasium, basketball court, rooftop plastic annular tracks, indoor heated swimming pool and table tennis facilities. In addition, the schoole regularly organizes students to participate in the outdoor camp activities  in different areas, such as hiking, sailing, skiing, rock climbing and so on. 

Inside the schoole, there are public and semi-public leisure spaces of different sizes for students’ leisure activities and life. 

Basketball Court.jpg
Chemistry Lab.jpg

Basketball Court

Chemistry Lab



Computer Room

Steam Classroom.jpg


Steam Classroom

Swimming pool.jpg

Swimming pool