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Meisha Academy by Haileybury adheres to the educational concept of “One Child, One World”, customizes individual enrollment programs according to the students’ situation, and now recruits outstanding students nationwide.


Admission Information

Classes:Grade 9,Grade 10,Grade 11

Enrollment target:Students without limitation of nationality

Admission Office:020-38094879, 020-38094869

2019 Scholarship Scheme of Meisha Academy by Heileybury


Meisha Academy by Heileybury has established a comprehensive scholarship system, covering scholarships for academic performance, arts, sports, science and technology, etc. Students who meet the specified academic or specialty requirements may apply for scholarships. 


I.   Selection process:

applying online


taking the entrance examination


passing the examination


being shortlisted or applying to the Academy for scholarships


submitting materials of personal background

including but not limited to achievement certificates, award certificates, talent-showing documents (audios, videos), etc.


materials being reviewed by the Scholarship Panel


scholarship interview


being reviewed and evaluated comprehensively by the Dean


list of scholarship winners being confirmed



II.   Scholarship eligibility criteria:

1. Studying at prestigious international schools, and having an average score of 85 (centesimal system), or B+ or above (grading system);

2. Participating in ILS, IGCSE, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and other international curriculum examinations, and having a score of 85 (centesimal system) or above;

3. Studying in key middle schools in prefecture-level cities or above, and being in the top 20% of the grades;

4. Having a high school entrance examination result higher than the admission scores set by those first-recruiting schools in prefecture-level cities;

5. Having outstanding results in sciences, and being the top 10 students of any two subjects from mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry;

6. Participating in discipline competitions at provincial level or above, and getting the accessit or above;

7. Being outstanding in languages / music / sports / fine arts / performing arts, and having won the accessit or above in a competition at provincial level.

 (Have met one of the above conditions) 


III.   Basic setting of awards


Details of awards

Evaluating time

Awarding time

Full prize

Waiving the tuition fee of the specific period

Before enrollment

At the beginning of the new academic year

Half prize

Waiving half of the tuition fee of the specific period

Prize for specialty

Waiving 10,000 – 30,000 of the tuition fee


 IV.   Scholarship descriptions

1. Admission scholarships for new students are divided for two studying periods: Grade 9-10 and Grade 11-12, which will be evaluated and awarded separately. The admission awards for different studying periods need to be re-applied for and re-approved.

2. The above scholarship application conditions are applicable to the year 2019 only.

3. The interpretation of the above terms and conditions within the scope of laws shall be reserved to Meisha Academy by Heileybury.