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Our Academy is authorized by Edexcel and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to offer iLowerSecondary, IGCSE, A Level, VCE and AP curriculum.

iLowerSecondary curriculum is part of the UK Pearson education system and provides students with comprehensive knowledge of English, mathematics and science.

IGCSE, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an excellent convergence course for Chinese students from the domestic education system to the international high school education system. It is widely used in well-known international schools around the world. Upon completion of the IGCSE Curriculum, students can study the A-Level Curriculum.

A-Level (International Advanced Level) is the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination Advanced Level Curriculum in the UK and also the University Entrance Examination program for UK students. A-Level Curriculum is globally accessible and its authority is widely recognized by the international community. Students taking this course can apply to most of the world's universities, including universities in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) is a diploma education in Victoria, Australia, and is officially awarded to students who complete Victorian high school courses. As an Australian five-star course, VCE, together with A-Level, IB, etc. is called the world’s four major high school curricula. Upon being enrolled in Meisha Academy by Haileybury, students will be registered in Victorian High School (VCE) in Australia. The rationality of VCE curriculum and the credibility of educational assessment are recognized by many countries around the world.

AP, full name Advanced Placement, is a high-level high school curriculum offered by the College Board. Participating in the AP Curriculum and obtaining high marks is a perfect testimony for proving the academic ability of students applying for the universities in the United States. It is widely recognized by American universities (most of the students who apply for the top 50 universities in the United States have more than 2 excellent AP results) and recognized by British Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) system. The AP Curriculum has a high reputation on a global scale and the system is relatively mature.

British IGCSE Curriculum
The difficulty of the IGCSE Curriculum is roughly equivalent to the third grade of junior high school in China to the first year of senior high school. Students who complete a course, can take the corresponding official examination, obtain official results, and receive global recognition of their grades. The IGCSE curriculum is generally two years, with 6 to 8 courses based on the student's ability and needs.
Two years, for G9-10
Regular courses:
English, Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Computer Technology, etc.
British A-Level Curriculum
Upon completion of the IGCSE Curriculum, students can study the A-Level Curriculum. A-Level has a flexible curriculum, students can choose 3-4 subjects from the many subjects offered by our Academy. They are free to develop their own interests and hobbies, and make the most of their strengths.
Two years, for G11-12
Elective courses:
Chinese, English, advanced mathematics, business, psychology, art, science(physics, chemistry and biology), etc.

Australian VCE Curriculum
The VCE courses at Meisha Academy by Haileybury will be offered from more than 100 Australian high school courses based on local culture, student interests and needs. These courses are designed for Grade 11 and 12. A Grade 10 prep course is required to attend the Australian high school VCE courses (Grade 11-12). Our Academy sets up a Guidance Department to help students with their course selection (Grade 11-12), and organize to participate in the "Australian college entrance examination" ATAR test.
For G11-12
Regular courses:
English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science

For G11-12
Elective courses:
Japanese, Design, Media, Business, Accounting

American AP Curriculum
The AP Curriculum is roughly as difficult as the basic course in the first to second years of college. Students who complete the course can take the examination and get official results. Students who plan to apply to universities both in the United States and Australia can take AP courses while taking VCE courses. For students who want to apply to American well-known universities, the Academy will help them with their AP courses in a flexible way, such as workshop and tutor group. In addition to the needs of further education, the Academy also encourages students to choose suitable AP courses according to their own interests in order to improve the overall quality and better adapt to foreign learning.
For G11-12
Elective courses:
AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Physics C (Mechanics/Electromagnetics), AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1/2, AP Human Geography, AP American History, etc.