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At MAG our curriculum is designed to promote our students to be the best of themselves. We aim to create a curriculum that satisfies every need of our students by offering a wide range of subjects in 3 programs including A-Level (Advanced Level), AP and VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education).  We strongly believe that this is important for students to form the foundation for achieving progress to basic skills in all subjects which facilitate their success in further studies.


MAG has been successfully accredited by Pearson Edexcel, College Board and Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) to deliver different programs. In Year 9-10, students will take two year IGCSE program. After that, students could choose A-Level, AP and VCE courses depending on their interests and further plan in Year 11-12. All students are externally assessed and their examination result has therefore been externally accredited by an examination board.


On-Campus Extra-Curriculum Activities

Students in MAH participate in diverse on-campus activities including clubs, Christmas project, concerts, art and sport events. Activities for academic year 2020—2021 includes Language and Arts Festival; Winter and Summer Concert; Science and Technology Festival; Campus Sports Meeting; Student Union Campaign; Volunteer/Social Service; Debate; Poem Contest; Reading Festival; School Magazine; Film Club; Computer Science Club; Modeling Club; Psychology Club; Music Club; Fitness Club; Yoga Club; Baking Club, etc. Most of the activities are student-initiated.