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One Child, One World

Development of Internal and External Quality

Train the talents needed in the new era 

Our children will

Master the required academic skills

Have curiosity and creativity, cross-border ability among science, technology and art

Fluently use a second language

Have good study habits and be responsible for themselves

Be confident because of their expertise

Be of strong will and body, and master a outdoor sports hobbiesy lasting a lifetime

Be trustworthy and understand that all individuals have a close relationship with social ecology

They will choose their life paths

Here, we will implement the New Five Abilities education

Cultivate students with good virtue, physique, thinking, temperament, and language


Chinese Heart & a Vision for the World 

Integrate Chinese and Western culture and become internationally graded talents.

Advocate experiential education and develop cross-border thinking from multiple perspectives

Encourage students to express their views and embrace wholesome values.

Be an explorer to discover the value of the outside world in addition to the local talent.

Be a collaborator to freely express in multiple language modes, thinking modes and cooperation models

Be a creator to give meaning to the virtual and real new creations

Let the students have good high spirits and vitality

LOGO Implied Meaning


The school badge of Meisha Academy by Haileybury comprehensively contains the complete concept of schooling philosophy. The main pattern is a streamer holding shield. The shield is a symbol of power, strength, stability, and longevity. The ribbon is dynamic and elegant, and the two are merged into the main body of the school emblem, which means that the school develops steadily, pursues excellence, and moves toward first-class.

The school badge is mainly composed of three major elements. First, the shield consists of three hearts with wings and uppercase letters M and V. The three hearts represent that the Academy takes “Chinese Heart & a Vision for the World” as the mission of the school and indicate that students should have the correct outlook on the world, life and values, accept the education concept of “Wisdom Education, World Elite”, and become the talents in the world. The combination of letters indicates that Meisha Education integrates Chinese and Western wisdom and builds international elite schools, in which the capital letter M is the first letter of Meisha Academy by Haileybury, the middle capital letter V indicates that the college is a member of the Vanke Group, and the letter V also represents the VCE course. The upper part of the letter combination is the letter W, which represents the Chinese pronunciation of Vanke and the schooling concept of “Wisdom Education, World Elites”. Finally, the English name of the Meisha Academy by Haileybury is printed on the streamer under the main shield of the school badge.