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Glory and Dreams

Hosted by Meisha Academy by Haileybury, and supported by Guangzhou Meisha Education of Vanke Group, Australian Consulate in Guangzhou and China-Australia Chamber of Commerce, the first China-Australia International Education Forum and Meisha Academy by Haileybury Brand Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou on November 17th, 2017.

Relevant leaders of the Guangdong Education Association and the Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office (Asian-African office), the Australian Government, the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou and representatives of the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce attended the event. Tang Jiyang, general manager of Guangzhou Vanke Group, Yu Minfeng, assistant general manager, and Derek Scott, president of the Australian Haileybury College attended the forum. 


The first international education project of Guangzhou Meisha Education, a member of Vanke Group

Tang Jiyang, general manager of Guangzhou Vanke, states that education is one of the key areas of development in the company’s transformation strategy of practicing urban service providers, and has always been committed to cultivating world citizens and future leaders with the spirit of the times. Meisha Academy by Haileybury is the first international education project of Guangzhou Meisha Education, a member of Vanke Group, which is of great significance. In the next three years, Guangzhou Vanke will adopt methods likeself-sponsorship and cooperationwithoverseas famous school, and integrate international leading education concepts to launch 6-10 top quality schools or international education projects to provide high quality education for people’s growing needs for abetter life.


Guangzhou’s first Australian VCE curriculum cooperation project

Anna Lin, the Business Consul of the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou, stressesthat Australia has attached great importance to the quality of education. When comparingthe hottest countries for studying abroad,the greatestproportion of Chinese students choose Australia. Meisha Academy by Haileybury is the first VCE curriculum cooperation project in Guangzhou. 

VCE is the abbreviation of Victorian Certificate of Education in Victoria, Australia, and is a diploma awarded to students who successfully completed Victorian high school. Anna Lin states that Chinese students here can receive pure Australian education without going abroad. The Meisha Academy by Haileybury makes remarkable contribution in the education cooperation between China and Australia. The Australian Government also actively supports the Haileybury College to conduct international cooperation to jointly promote Australian education. 


Meisha Academy by Haileybury: Australian-Chinese Achievement Award Winner

Nicholas Dwyer, president of the International Department of Haileybury College and former president of the Haileybury College, statesin his speech that the Heileybury College has achieved success and parental reputation in Australia with its 127 years of school history and outstanding academic achievements.

The Heileybury College began exploring the VCE curriculum in cooperation with Chinese colleges in 2002 and established its first overseas branch campus in China in 2014. In November 2014, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott presented the Australia-China Achievement Award to Australian Haileybury College, in recognition of its outstanding achievements in the field of cultural exchange between China and Australia.

According to Nicholas Dwyer, the outstanding graduation scores and university admission rates of Chinese students each year verify that the VCE curriculum is a high school curriculum suitable for Chinese students to apply for overseas famous universities. The Heileybury College is full of confidence in cooperation with Guangzhou Vanke.