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The Academy of Stars

Pick stars in the Hall of Knowledge

The future means infinite possibility.

Examining a star-filledsky represents anexploration ofthe unknown.

Meisha Academy by Haileybury is the perfect combination of Meisha Education, a member of the Vanke Group and Australian century-old college Haileybury. It adheresto the educational principle of “One Child, One World”, takes the idea of “learning Chinese and westerncultures and embracing the world” as the educational goal, to cultivate children with a Chinese heart and a world eye.

Through the implementation of the Australian High School + AP course, Meisha Academy by Haileybury is dedicated to the creation of a first-class, world-renowned international high-end private education brand in China.

Glory and Dreams

World’s Top 500 famous enterprises & Australian century-old school

Vanke Group member companies, urban and rural construction and life service providers

● Great strength, rich resources, excellent corporate culture: sunny, healthy and rich, bright future

● Vanke Meisha Academy, ranked 31st in the list of China Hurun International Schools, 3rd in Shenzhen list

● Meisha Education high-end education camp: sailing, rowing, skiing, equestrian...

● It is also in the forefront of the industry in the educational construction. At present, many primary and secondary schools and international education schools have been established. It opens a community camp to provide students with one-stop high-quality education services.



● Being located in Melbourne, Australia, and founded in 1892, it provides a consistent education from kindergarten to high school (K-12), and has achieved excellent schooling traditions and performance. It is a century-old collegewith large scale, high tuition fees and rich educational resources. It is dedicated in the international education, and winsthe Australia-China Achievement Award.

●Primary School Department ranksNo.1 in Australia and the Middle School Department No.2.

Heileybury College advocates the happy school learning. The college firmly believes that everyday studying in the school is very important. The students are multi-talented and versatile. Many students attend Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Australian National University, Melbourne University and other world-renowned universities.

Australian Haileybury College
Meisha Academy by Haileybury
Australian Haileybury College
Meisha Academy by Haileybury